Ryan Technology is proud of its nationally recognized brand and committed to upholding our reputation by providing our customers with quality services. To ensure customer satisfaction, our team works closely with our clients to make sure we are representing their products to the fullest.

How It Works: End-to-end representation

Our unique end-to-end value added approach is the key to our success.  Whether you need to introduce cutting technology to customers for the first time, or are trying to penetrate a seemingly saturated market, our highly experienced team will work with you to get the job done. Starting with training and ending with support our team is eager to act as an extension of our client’s representing them to the fullest.



Customers can’t buy products they don’t know about. Ryan Technologies holds several trainings throughout the year educating an average of 1500 customers and potential customers countrywide. We hold trainings for individual product lines allowing us to educate customers about the products they own. We also hold trainings that cover entire fields allowing us to expose customers to new practices and cutting edge technology related to their expertise, giving our client’s products huge promotional value. Our newest addition to our training program are our online training courses providing convenient access to sub-distributors and customers.
Our highly technical staff is made up of engineers and field experts who interact with customers daily, allowing them to pinpoint technology gaps and suggest solutions for them. Our training courses allow customers hands on product experience with the guidance our expert staff.


Our goal is to fit the product to the customer, not the other way around. Our full fledged R&D team is capable of integrating products, developing add-on’s/accessories, and creating systems out of products to solve the problems our customers face. The local value added by these integrations often means the difference between making the sell and not. Our sales reps, support staff, and training team identifies problems customers and potential customers are having. Our integration team works with our clients to come up with solutions to these problems, and can then implement the solution without any added effort from you.


With nearly 20% of the worlds population, China is a LARGE market which requires a LARGE sales network. We have over 100 of our own staff members managing sub-distributors across the country, which means there isn’t a single customer we can’t reach. Our sales team holds frequent sales trainings for in network distributors ensuring everyone representing your products know what they are talking about. Our six regional offices located in key strategic cities throughout the country, allows us to understand what opportunities are available and react quickly to them. Bicultural management means you get transparency into the very opaque Chinese market, allowing you to make smart decisions with us.


Happy customers are repeat customers. We’re not just about the sale. We stand by the products we represent by making sure customers have the support they need. Our service/support team is highly trained and always available with 24/7 support hotlines and on call engineers. We have a large support staff with over 30 service centers and an internal certification process for each product we service to ensure we can support our customers effectively and efficiently. Our service engineers are excellent at communicating issues and concerns back to our clients helping close the loop on your product improvement process.