Visiting our offices is welcome and encouraged. We think its an important part of building a solid relationship with our business partners. Visiting China is much like visiting any foreign country abroad, however the trip does require some preparation prior to departure to ensure smooth travels. Below you’ll find some helpful tips for preparing for your trip abroad.

Travel Checklist

Get an Invitation Letter

Traveling to China for business requires a business visa (F Visa).  Getting a business visa is similar to getting a tourist visa, but requires an invitation letter.  If you’re visiting our offices, we would be more than happy to write an invitation letter for you, we just need a little bit of information.  Fill out and submit the invitation letter request form and we’ll make sure and we’ll get an invitation letter to you in no time.

Apply for a Visa

Once you’ve received your invitation letter, you will need to go to the embassy that the letter was addressed to. Make sure and bring your passport, and a copy of the letter.  You can find more information at the Chinese Embassy’s website.

Alternatively, you can have a specialist handle the application process for a small service fee. Ryan Technology employees typically have their visa’s processed by Paul Chen at Peacock Travel. They are a group of visa specialists in Los Angeles, California, who are very good at standard and expedited passport processing. Their contact information is listed below.

Peacock Travel Corp
159 E. Live Oak Ave. Suite 101
Arcadia, Ca 91006
Ph:+1 (626) 821-5968

If you prefer plan to use Peacock Travel to process your visa, please specify on the invitation letter request form. You will need to send the following to address listed above:

  1. Passport
  2. Passport photo
  3. Invitation letter
  4. Copy of your drivers license

Finally, make sure and email your parcel tracking number to Paul at The minimum turn around time is 4-5 days, so it’s best to contact them as early as possible.

Getting in and getting around

Since we have several locations throughout the country, you’ll want to make sure your accommodations are near the correct one.  Pick the city you your visiting to view office locations and recommendations.

Miscellaneous Information

Although most things in China are much the same as here, there are some differences you may want to consider to get up and running quickly once you land.  Below is a list of miscellaneous information to help make your stay a little more comfortable.

Internet Connections

Most hotels have an internet connection which is available for free, however many hotels will not have WiFi.  You’ll typically find an ethernet cable plugged into one of the jacks in your hotel.  If however your computer doesn’t have an ethernet port or you want a little more freedom to roam about your hotel room wirelessly,  should purchase a small wireless router prior to your trip.

You may find that some of the sites normally available in your home country are not accessible on Chinese networks.  This is due to a country-wide firewall China has implemented.  To access the internet as if you were in your home country, you can use a VPN service for a small fee.

Powering Up

Like many other countries, China’s power grid runs at 220V.  This should not be an issue for most of your electronics, as they’ll usually have an international transformer suited for 110-240V AC input.  Some electronics however, like electric razors and blowdryers may not function properly or burn out.  Make sure and look at the input power rating before using your electronics in China.