As our latest addition, the Wuhan office was established in 2007. Wuhan is located in central China and is a primary hub for domestic transportation, making it a hotspot for security technology.  Below you’ll find plenty of information about the area including the best airport to fly into, suggested hotels to stay at and restaurants to visit during your stay.

Location Map


Zhong Shang Plaza, Tower A, Room 1902
No.7 Zhongnan Road
Wuchang District, Wuhan, 430071, China
武汉市武昌区中南路7号 中商广场写字楼 A1902室

Nearest Airport

Huangpo District, Wuhan
Hubei Province, China
Phone: (+86) 27 8366-6666


Wuhan Hongguang Dajiudian
No.782 Minzhu Road,
Wuchang District
Wuhan, China
Phone: (+86) 27 8713-1557
No.1 Zhongbei Road,
Wuchang District
Wuhan, 430071, China
Phone: (+86) 27 400 886-5768


Kanglong Taizi Restaurant
No.181 Donghu Road,
Wuchang District, Wuhan, China
Phone: (+86) 27 8732-0588
Liupangzi Restaurant
C, Zhongnanlongting,
No.2 Zhongnan Road,
Wuchang District, Wuhan, China
Phone: (+86) 27 8711-2115