Still on the fence about product distribution in China? Early this year, China will surpass the US in annual spending on security, forensic and public safety products. Now is the time to get your brand recognized in the soon-to-be worlds largest security market.


It’s no secret that China’s economy is growing, but how does that play out in the security, forensic and public safety industry?  Economic growth in China hasn’t come without social tension leading to an increase in domestic crime and terror.  This increased trend in violence has the Chinese government committed to public security, with spending due to increase over 10% year over year. The result? China will be the worlds largest market for forensic, security, and public safety equipment.
Additionally China’s thriving economy means vast transportation improvements with two out of every three new airports being build are in China and thousands of new rail being laid every year. This development of public infrastructure will continue to fuel the already booming security/screening sector of China’s market. There has never been a better time to start selling products in China. Contact us now for more information.


CHINA 2013 ($51B)

CHINA 2020 ($105B)

*Information based on China’s 5 year plan

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