China Security Market Surpasses US

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According to a report by the Homeland Security Research Corp, China’s demand for security and public safety products is due to surpass that of the US early this year. China’s already massive security market has increased by around 10% year over year after year with a market gross valued at $50 billion in 2013.
China’s security market surpassing the US would make it the largest in the world. Now, you may be tempted downplay these numbers arguing that China likely manufactures most products creating the supply for this demand. This however is not the case. The same report notes that out of a $45 billion gross market in 2012, over $17 billion was supplied by foreign-based companies. This equates to almost 40% of the overall market, and trumps the total value of most other countries total HLS markets.
The China’s security and public safety sector’s market projected to continue increasing over the next several years, becoming a market giant by the year 2020. Ryan Technologies is fully committed to this market and will continue to represent foreign based companies and their products through this period of growth. Having succeeded though the growing pains of the past 20 years, Ryan Tech know’s what is necessary to continue to support this vast market, intends on remaining the industry leader in the forensic and public security sales sector.
If your products are not being distributed in China or being misrepresented in China, contact us to see how we can help you.